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Which devices/browsers/operating systems are compatible with the Singapore Metro website?
Our website works on any operating system with these browsers:
Internet Explorer 11 and above
Android Browser

What is the recommended screen resolution for using the Singapore Metro website?
Our website optimises itself across various devices.
However, the recommended minimum screen resolutions are:
1200 x 1080 px for desktop computers
320 x 568 px for mobile devices

Does the Singapore Metro website require any plug-ins?
No plug-in is required.

Does the Singapore Metro website require JavaScript to be enabled?
Yes. Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

Does the Singapore Metro website require any special security settings?
Our website works with the default security settings for most browsers.

The Singapore Metro website seems to be loading very slowly. What can I do?
It might be possible that your browser cache is full and this prevents you from accessing our website properly. Clear your cache and cookies before trying to use the website again.

Does the Singapore Metro website use cookies and other tracking tools?
We take the security and protection of our customer data seriously.

When you visit our website, we use cookies, which are small pieces of information that allow us to maintain your connection to our website. Cookies are used to detect what kind of device you have in order to present content in the best way, or to identify your preferred language switch, and/or for other purposes. Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., also uses these cookies to help analyse how users use the site. These cookies do not collect or store any personally identifiable information.

We recommend the use of cookies to improve your experience with the website. However, you may wish to adjust your personal browser settings to refuse the use of cookies.

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